Public Health

symo SAD

Home care SyMO

The SyMO software suite allows you to support your personnel’s mobility during their home visits.

It also allows you to create a new paper-free work organization, until they get to the patient’s home.

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Transportation management

Servox-GT software suite is designed to properly coordinate the messengers/stretcher bearers' assignments.

The coordination is done through a service access supported by mobile technology.

Servox-GT allows work optimizing and makes locating easier once inside the institution.

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Optimizing disinfection distribution

Servox DES software suite is designed to manage the disinfection requests needed in your institution.

It shortens the waiting period between a resident leaving, and the availability to greet a new one.

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centre de messages

Message center management

Servox-TAO software suite is designed to increase efficiency and make message centers management easier.

It allows meeting your personnel’s needs more efficiently.

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hygiène et salubrité

Hygiene and healthiness

PROPRE software suite lets you analyze your institution’s sanitary maintenance costs.

It lets you make a diagnosis in link with the use of the service’s human, material and financial resources.

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gestion des actifs

Asset management

The SARRA software suite lists and manages all your assets.

This unique concept allows you to develop the maintenance costs forecast and to rehabilitate your housing stock assets.

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Asset maintenance

The MAINT software suite plans your preventive and corrective housing stock maintenance.

It also tracks the labour and material costs required for your maintenance.

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maintenance mobile

Mobile maintenance

The MAINT-Mobile application allows you to access work orders on any mobile device, whether it be a tablet or a smartphone.

Your maintenance team can easily track work orders directly in the field without printing out paper.

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