It was in an ironic twist of events that the first customer to contact us wanted us to develop a software solution that would help him manage his properties located on Quebec's territory. It may have been sheer madness to accept such a challenge for only a few hundred dollars, but that is how Hopem started out.

As time went on, Hopem's team has expanded by adding multiple analysts, programmers, implementation consultant and customer support agent who are developing and improving our property management software for mor than 30 years now.

We currently serve the Quebec market, Ontario and Western Canada. We also have customers in France and Belgium . We constantly lookout for business opportunities who can benefit from our expertise in related markets.

In 2012, a team of specialists working in the asset management industry joined us, keeping us as an industry leader. Thus, our solutions manage all the upcoming challenges of our industry.

In 2013, we added for our residence managers care management products. This enhances our offer to evaluate the residents' autonomy (SMAF), to provide adequate care (SYMO) and optimize your staff working with residents.

In 2016, Hopem integrates Agile methodologies in its development process. The important values ​​of this method encourage interaction and collaboration with customers and adapting to changes.

Hopem innovate by creating new customer-centric applications that allow value-added online services for property managers. Hopem remains the leader of an evolving industry.

Hopem has 44 employees working among our Quebec, Montreal and Rimouski's offices. Some of them have more than 25 year experience.