About Us

Having in mind for our offer the property manager, we support our customers in their growth by providing innovative software to fulfill the needs of their industry.

Over 80 % of Quebec property managers use our product suites. Take benefit of the expertise from thousands of professionals in property management industry.

Our property management software are derived from the feedback provided by our customers in the field of property management and the expertise of our specialists in software development.

Whether you are a property owner or manager of a large park of buildings or only some apartments, Hopem has a solution for you.


At Hopem, these values are the core of our corporate identity:

Harris Subsidiary

Hopem is a subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems Harris Computer Systems. Harris seeks to provide versatile and complete solutions at all levels of local government, utilities and electricity as well as schools across North America.

The company employs 2250 industry experts and supports more than 10000 customers and business partners.