HOPEM has acquired ProMenu
April 23, 2018

Terrebonne, April 23rd 2018 HOPEM, a N. Harris Computer Corporation (Harris) division, is proud to announce it has finalized the acquisition of the ProMenu company, a business specialized in the conception, implantation and support of clinical nutrition as well as kitchen and dining room management software.

ProMenu has been operating for 20 years and has distinguished itself by the quality of its products and customer service. With this acquisition, ProMenu, an already well-established brand present in 155 facilities in the Quebec province and 11 in New Brunswick, joins our products portfolio. "We foresee good business opportunities within our customer base for our SIRPA line of products dedicated to the seniors' residences market, as well as our customers in the healthcare sector. In fact, we already have some customers in common among the CISSS/CIUSSS and seniors' residences", said Mr. Joël Villeneuve, Executive Vice-President for HOPEM. "We are very proud of having built an enterprise with the notoriety of ProMenu in its respective markets. We have been able to attract Harris's attention through its HOPEM division, and we are convinced that our software solutions, our employees and especially our customers will prove sustainable in this new environment", said Mr. Daniel Côté, President of ProMenu.

About ProMenu

ProMenu was created in 1998 with the contributions of nutritionists from seven establishments within the Québec healthcare network. Today, ProMenu is present in the healthcare, education, hospitality and seniors' residences industries. Our educational partners network, comprised of ten institutions at the university, collegiate and professional levels, is our guarantee of a qualified succession. With its passion for this constantly evolving domain, its creative customer base and faithful partners, ProMenu is alway looking out for new solutions for its current and future customers. Passionnée par ce milieu en constante évolution, une clientèle créative et des partenaires fidèles, ProMenu est toujours à la recherche de nouvelles solutions pour sa clientèle actuelle et future!


Since 1985, HOPEM has been developing integrated management software for residential and commercial property owners / managers as well as seniors' residences. With over 800 owners / managers in the Quebec province using HOPEM's computer systems for their lease management, accounting or care management and planning, HOPEM positions itself as the leader in management systems dedicated to this market.

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Dave Marcheterre, Director, Sales and Marketing